In the 21st Century, technology fills every corner of our lives. But what's the use of having it and not knowing just exactly how to use it? And this is a real issue for people who have a creative flair but don't know how to apply it? It is for this reason as Paul Ellul, Marketing Head at Golden Gate explains.....

'We receive numerous artworks every day from our clients, and in some cases, not everyone can, for one reason or another, assign their artworks to a professional graphic designer. The end result is that they create some really nice artworks, which however are flawed, or faulty, so when the job is printed, these faults show up in the printing. A great pity'.

 'We though about this and decided that we can help fix this recurring problem if we could prepare a simple-to-use guide which can put the important matters when designing an artwork into perspective'.

'We have done exactly that and we are presenting it to the users of, and beyond so that they can check and ensure their artworks are 'industry standard'.... it's a brilliant  yet short 12-page publication which highlights only what matters thus ensuring perfect printing, time after time'.


How to download it is easy as pie......Go to 'Get A Quote' and open any template on our site, then click on Artwork guide located on the left hand column of the site, or look at the upload artwork box at the bottom and there is another link there.  

Read it, make you corrections, and then upload your artwork. A simple step to to an even better result. 

In concluding this press release, we invite everyone to visit and update themselves on just how easy it is to build your own quote, upload your artwork, and confirm the order, literally in seconds. 

We will process your order and deliver it to your door within a few days. No messing around or waste of time. The futire of printing on demand just got better, easier & much faster.

 What are your printing needs today?


Thank you.